Perfusion Vacancy and Turnover Rates Survey

Editor’s Note:

I got this email the other day- it’s for a perfusion/employment/turnover/vacancy survey put forward by our colleague Mike Culligan, RN CCP-

In light of the current perfusion manpower shortage- it might be a valuable tool to assess the situation from a data driven perspective?  Feel free to participate if you are so inclined.

Peace 🙂

We spoke briefly at the Winter Park meeting (loved both your talks, especially the second one on the impact of social media. Nice handouts). If possible, could you post/distribute the below link through CircuitSurfers to the survey I am conducting on vacancy and turnover in perfusion.
Much appreciated.
-mike colligan

Subject: Vacancy and Turnover Rates Survey

As a doctoral candidate in the School of Health Related Professions at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), I am conducting a study on the vacancy and turnover rates in perfusionists in the United States, as well as the perceptions of perfusionists regarding the current status of these rates.  This study will provide important information for the profession to help in understanding current and future workforce needs.

This survey is being sent to perfusionists who currently practice in the U.S.  The survey is both anonymous and confidential. Personal identifying information is not requested, and the results will be used for research purposes only.

Please follow the link below to begin the survey.  Choose the answer to each question that best describes your understanding.  The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

The survey is voluntary, and completion of the questions will be considered your consent to participate.  This study has been through the UMMC Institutional Review Board screening process.

Thank you for your participation.

Michael Colligan, RN, CCP

Co-Investigator, [email protected]


Dr. Amber Arnold, DNP, RN

Principal investigator, [email protected]

Click on the link below to open the survey, or copy and paste the lower address: