1st Year Out… The Blog Lives …

Wow !

That’s all I can say is what a great first year we had !

A year ago I launched something- and really wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out.

I wanted something different in terms what could be offered to the perfusion community, I wanted something special, untarnished, and with No Hidden Agenda !

Something Free …

And roughly 400 or so posts later, we punched out a lot of material together, some controversial, some new, some old and revisionary, and some just because it added flavor to our lives, that are almost utterly consumed with the innate pressures and conflicts of our very special profession.

So thank you.  Thank you 88,815 or so times.  Those are the amount of visits for the first year.

Thank you to 143 countries that include the United States, and 350 foreign cities with perfusionists from that many cities.

It truly is an International Perfusion Blog– with common goals untainted by politics.

It has become more than I could have hoped for…

Thank you to the many contributors that have made this endeavor a sum of the parts of all of us.

Just thank you for giving this a chance!

Happy Birthday Circuit Surfers !

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP CCP

A Special thank you to my wife Kashmir, My daughters Maria and Kimberly, and my son Justin…