MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION is the world's largest professional organization for perfusionists and other perfusion-related medical professionals. If you work in a perfusion-related profession, we welcome you to join our organization.  Our members are granted special access to certain protected areas of our web site denoted by the or symbol.  Currently, we are offering two levels of membership on our website; free memberships and premium memberships. You can read about the advantages of our premium membership below.  To become a member of, simply follow the link below to fill out our new member registration form.  Certificates of membership will be issued to premium members only.  If you have any questions about our member services, please contact our customer service department. offers premium memberships to individuals involved in the perfusion industry world-wide. To qualify for a premium membership, you must be a practicing clinical perfusionist, currently enrolled in an accredited perfusion education program or actively involved in the perfusion industry. Our premium members will have special access to all the areas of our website denoted be the symbol.  In addition, our premium members will receive the special benefits outlined below.  If you have any questions regarding our levels of membership, please contact our customer service department.


Premium Members have access to premium content on our website. This includes, articles, video presentations and special content. This content is available through a custom search portal, where premium members can search our database of 6000+ articles. Premium members will receive significant discounts at select perfusion conferences including Case Reports in the Sun and the Sanibel Symposium.

Premium Member's will have access to special area's of our website that are denoted by the premium member symbol.  These areas include multi-media content, presentations, surveys, business tools and more.

Premium Members can search our online Hospital Database by city or state and extract information to market their professional services.

Premium Members can search the Member Database, to locate friends, colleagues and other medical professionals world-wide.

Premium Members are offered CEU opportunities online though We have recently added many online video CEU and have streamlined the process for applying for CEU credits and verifying attendance, making it easy for you to earn credit for your online education.

Premium Members will receive unlimited access to our real-time Job Availability List (not the delayed version). Premium members can also receive daily or weekly email updates of jobs that meet their predefined search criteria.

Premium Members are eligible to receive discounted professional liability insurance rates. Premium Members will be supporting an organization promotes the education, the professional interests and the general welfare of perfusionists in the world.

We offer a one (1) year free Premium Membership to anyone who submits an original scientific work. Volunteer speakers for the Sanibel Symposium will also receive a free premium membership.

The cost of a Premium Membership is currently set at $75.00 per year. We feel this rate is very reasonable based on the extensive content that is offered.  We vow that this fee will be used exclusively for the educational purposes and development of our website, so that we can continue to grow and offer better services to the perfusion community.  Please follow the link below to begin the registration process for a free or premium membership.