i-Pump is an application designed for practicing clinical perfusionists and individuals that work in the cardiac surgery arena.  The i-Pump application offers clinicians  simple, practical tools for calculations related to cardiopulmonary bypass and blood management.  In addition, i-Pump provides quick and easy access to the vast content library offered by Perfusion.COM, including professionally recorded video presentations that are specially formatted for the iPhone platform.  Please download i-Pump for FREE from the iTunes and Google Play Application Store.

**Over 6,200 iOS and 440 Android installations!


    Version 1.3, 1.4 Features:

  • Updated i-Pump UI.
  • Optimized for iOS 7 and iPhone 5.
  • Android version added.
  • UI scaled for iPad and Android tablet resolution.
    Quick reference policies and guidelines added.
  • Support for portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Version 1.1 Features:

  • Perfusion Calculator: (BSA, BMI, EBV, RCV, HCT on Pump, Heparin Dose, Protamine Dose, Cardiac Index, Flow Rates.
    News, Articles, Video Presentations from Perfusion.COM.
  • Videos are HTML5 for iPhone and iPad compatibility.
  • On the fly conversion for height and weight.
  • Searchable articles, news and videos.
  • Job feed and press release feed added.
  • Save calculation data for one hour.
  • Multitasking for iOS 4.0.
  • Landscape or portrait view for video.
  • Airplay support for video presentations.
  • i-Pump is available for FREE in the iTunes store.