Risk Factors for Delirium After On-Pump Cardiac Surgery: A Systematic Review
Predicting Bleeding Risk by Platelet Function Testing in Patients Undergoing Heart Surgery
Postoperative Blood Transfusion is an Independent Predictor of Acute Kidney Injury in Cardiac Surgery Patients
Perioperative Red Blood Cell Transfusion: What We Do Not Know
The Role of Point-of-Care Assessment of Platelet Function in Predicting Postoperative Bleeding and Transfusion Requirements After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Feasibility, Efficacy, and Safety of a Simple Insulin Infusion Protocol in a Large Volume Cardiac Surgery Unit in India
Risk Score Model for the Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease In Asymptomatic Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Durable Mechanical Circulatory Support Versus Organ Transplantation: Past, Present, and Future
The Perception of Evidence for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Current Practices after Cardiac Surgery: A Canadian Cross-Sectional Survey
Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery: New Trends in Italy
Technical-Induced Hemolysis in Patients with Respiratory Failure Supported with Veno-Venous ECMO - Prevalence and Risk Factors
Ambulatory ECMO as a Bridge to Lung Transplant in a Previously Well Pediatric Patient with ARDS
Update on the Extracorporeal Life Support
High Incidence of Antibodies to Protamine and Protamine/Heparin Complexes in Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Xvivo Lung Preservation (EP Video)
ECMO Cannulation Sites: A Case Study (EP Video)
What is a MAZE Operation? (EP Vieo)
Frozen Elephant Trunk (EP Video)
β-blocker Therapy is Not Associated with Reductions in Angina or Cardiovascular Events After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: Insights from the IMAGINE Trial
Harms Associated with Single Unit Perioperative Transfusion: Retrospective Population Based Analysis
New Developments in the Use of Biologics and Other Modalities in the Management of Lateral Epicondylitis
The Influence of Platelet-Derived Products on Angiogenesis and Tissue Repair: A Concise Update
MC3 Cardiopulmonary Acquires Surgical Cannula Product Assets from Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Myocardial Protection in 2015 (EP Video)
Goal Directed Perfusion: Clinical Need and Practice (EP Video)

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