Update on the Extracorporeal Life Support
High Incidence of Antibodies to Protamine and Protamine/Heparin Complexes in Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Ambulatory ECMO as a Bridge to Lung Transplant in a Previously Well Pediatric Patient with ARDS
ECMO Cannulation Sites: A Case Study (EP Video)
What is a MAZE Operation? (EP Vieo)
Frozen Elephant Trunk (EP Video)
Xvivo Lung Preservation (EP Video)
Harms Associated with Single Unit Perioperative Transfusion: Retrospective Population Based Analysis
New Developments in the Use of Biologics and Other Modalities in the Management of Lateral Epicondylitis
β-blocker Therapy is Not Associated with Reductions in Angina or Cardiovascular Events After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: Insights from the IMAGINE Trial
The Influence of Platelet-Derived Products on Angiogenesis and Tissue Repair: A Concise Update
MC3 Cardiopulmonary Acquires Surgical Cannula Product Assets from Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Quest Medical, Inc. Issues Recall of MPS® Delivery Set
Myocardial Protection in 2015 (EP Video)
Goal Directed Perfusion: Clinical Need and Practice (EP Video)
Evidence for why Inadequate Cerebral Blood Flow is a Cause of Cerebral Injury in even the Most “Routine” Cardiac Surgery, and why NIRS is Your Real-Time Friend to Optimize Brain Perfusion (EP Video)
A Perfusionist Abroad II: Pumping in Persia (EP Video)
Mini-Sternotomy and CPB: Are the Views Adequate: A Case Report (EP Video)
Invasion of Privacy: Big Data and Modern Times (EP Video)
Generational Diversity in Perfusion: Beyond the Stereotypes Towards an Enlightened Workplace (EP Video)
The Use of Lidocaine Containing Cardioplegia in Surgery for Adult Acquired Heart Disease
The Non Depolarizing, Normokalemic Cardioplegia Formulation Adenosine-Lidocaine (Adenocaine) Exerts Anti-Neutrophil Effects by Synergistic Actions of its Components
Inclusion of Lidocaine in Cardioplegic Solutions Provides Additional Myocardial Protection
Cardiac Myxoma in Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Review
del Nido Cardioplegia in Adult Cardiac Surgery - Scopes and Concerns

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