Welcome to Perfusion.com's employment services.  We offer customized job services for both employers and employees. We can help employers find qualified applicants for perfusion and other cardiac surgery-related positions.  In addition, we can help applicants find the best jobs in their desired work location.  We have more new job information by far than any other perfusion organization. Please take the time to explore our job services and feel free to contact us if you have questions.


As a hospital, physician group or Industry vendor you can rely on Perfusion.com to provide you with the best and most suitable candidates to fill your position vacancies. Perfusion.com offers a comprehensive package including the following key elements which may be tailored to your specifications:

Client employment ad will be posted and emailed to our entire database which encompasses all the perfusionists in the United States and 90% of the perfusionists world-wide.

Any interested candidates will fill out the Perfusion.com Employment Application on-line which may be customized to client requirements or hosted externally. Completed applications will be delivered instantly to the client.

Perfusion.com will conduct a video interview with 3-5 interviewers using a predetermined set of relevant questions from our database.  A recording of the interview will be provided to the client and placed in the candidate's dossier.

Employment Test Battery: Candidates will undergo personality, aptitude and job skills testing. Candidate will take tests at on-line site and results are immediately available to EPS administrators.

  1. Employment Personality Test: Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI), Employee Personality Profile (EPP), Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP)

  2. Employment Aptitude Test: Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST), MiniCog Rapid Assessment Battery (MRAB), Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA), Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT).

  3. Employment Skills Test: Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST), Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test (CLIK), Customized Perfusion Job Skills test (PDC)

Perfusion.com verifies candidates professional licenses and certifications. A copy of the verification will be provided in the applicant's dossier.

Candidates will provide Perfusion.com with 3-5 professional reference e-mail addresses. Using our system, references are sent an e-mail containing an automated reference assessment that is confidential between the reference and PDC. The survey contains 20 questions pertaining to the skills and behaviors that correlate with success as a clinical perfusionist. Reference survey results are placed in the candidate's dossier.

Once a candidate is selected, Perfusion.com will collect and deliver the client a complete credentialing packet including: resume, references, certifications, licenses, diploma, drug screen, immunizations, PPD, BLS, OIG check and SAM/GSA check.

Client may choose to contract with Perfusion.com to trial candidate as contracted staff member for a predetermined trial period before hiring the candidate directly.








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