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what is blood donation?

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Topic: what is blood donation?
Posted By: uruby
Subject: what is blood donation?
Date Posted: Apr 24 2009 at 7:57am
Even though a lot of people think it to be the most spread blood type, A+ is one of the most rare blood types existing, and 0, though a lot of people always considered to be the rarest, turned out to be one of the most spreads. It is very interesting actually, that it had been misinterpreted such a long time. I talked to several doctors and they all told me that fact, because I just found out, that I am a A+-type of blood-woman :). Always good to know which blood type you are, because if it comes to the point you really might need a transfusion you should better be prepared because in such situations there is a lack of time. 

Posted By: Warren
Date Posted: Mar 25 2013 at 3:01am
The Review of donor Deferrals with reference to sexual issues has counseled that sexually active gay men could also be ready to give blood once a six month wait, providing that additional donor analysis demonstrates that this is able to not threaten the protection of the blood provided.

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