Stöckert SCPC Centrifugal Pump

Stöckert SCPC Centrifugal Pump
Stöckert SCPC Centrifugal Pump
SKU: ES0044
The Stöckert Centrifugal Pump (SCP) combined with the Stöckert Centrifugal Pump Console (SCPC) delivers a centrifugal pump system that is setting new standards in flexibility, ease of use, safety, and ergonomics. This item is refurbished. More details...
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Product Details
  • The SCPC can be operated as a stand-alone system in conjunction with almost any heart lung machine.
  • In case of a power failure, the system’s integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) takes over the power supply for approximately 90 minutes.
  • The SCPC configuration can be easily setup via the touch screen to match your individual requirements.
  • The SCPC can be configured to monitor temperature and pressure or level, bubble and pressure.
  • All relevant data can be registered and recorded via the Stöckert Data.Bahn data management system .

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