Basics of Blood Management (2007)

Basics of Blood Management (2007)
Basics of Blood Management (2007)
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This unique and practical book introduces the reader to the concept of blood management and explains how to improve patient outcomes by avoiding undue blood loss, enhancing the patientís own blood, effective management of anemia and coagulopathy. Basics of Blood Management is the first book dedicated to blood management, a multidisciplinary and multimodality concept that focuses on patient outcome. More details...
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A practical and comprehensive text on the new and exciting field of blood management

  • Takes an international perspective, covering conditions encountered in developing and industrial countries
  • Covers all areas of organization, methods and tools
  • Gives the reader an understanding of the concept and philosophy of blood management
  • Provides clinical scenarios and exercises that help the reader to adapt information for their location.
Whether you are an early practising clinician in hematology, transfusion, critical care, anesthesiology, surgery or internal medicine, a nursing specialist, trainee or other member of the multidisciplinary blood management team, this book will answer all your questions about blood management as an aid in improving patient outcome.
ISBN: 978-1-4051-5131-3
400 pages
October 2007, Wiley-Blackwell

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